A recent addition to the EasyWeb Business Website is our Mobile Pages. Mobile Pages will enable your website to be displayed on mobile devices (Smartphones and iPads for example). When a visitor lands on your website from a smartphone, a mobile version of the homepage will be displayed. This is important as normally when using a mobile device a website doesn’t display optimally on the device which forces the person to “finger scroll” trying to find the part of your webpage (like your phone number) they are looking for.

With the EasyWeb Business Website, when someone finds your website using a mobile device, a touch-enabled mobile layout is automatically delivered to them. Also displayed on the Homescreen are the features: Call Us, Directions and QR Code. Your customers will also have the option to toggle to the desktop version or send an email from this screen.










The Growth of Mobile Marketing

Sybase, a database and mobile enterprise leader, developed a video on the growth of mobile marketing and mobile penetration from the inception of mobile marketing through 2011. This video is well worth the three minutes to watch and then, if you haven’t already, consider adding mobile marketing to your overall marketing strategy in 2012.

According to Google, 50% of searches on mobile devices like the iPhone, Android and Blackberry are for local goods and services.

This video features Don Campbell, developer of the EasyWeb Business Theme going over additional features of the Mobile Pages.