Updatable QR Codes

Updateable QR CodeNeed a redirectable or updatable QR Code? We offer Basic and Pro Codes as “The must have QR Codes” for business and individuals. With updating, tracking, and even the ability to deliver multiple sources of content through a single code; there is no better choice. Our Redirectable QR Code Software is cloud based which means you never have to download anything, making QR code generation faster and safer. How will you use your redirectable QR Code? Well, the possibilities are endless. Deliver videos, pictures, web content and more. EasyWebBusiness.net and our redirectable codes allow you to continuously deliver the newest information and specials on your schedule, without the added expense of re-printing and redesigning.

Static QR Codes

QR Codes are images that can be scanned with a SmartPhone sending the viewer to a web page, Facebook page, text message prompt, email app, online video and more. A “static” QR code points only to a single web address (URL) and cannot be modified, or made to point to any other web address than the one it was created for. The only way to change what the viewer sees when scanning a static code, would be to modify the destination web page itself and maintain the exact URL syntax unaltered from when the QR Code was originally created.

Updateable QR Codes

This type QR Code is able to display any web page that the owner chooses, and they can be changed to display other pages as often as needed. Think of it this way, a static QR Code can only go to one place, like a train on it’s tracks it can’t change directions, but a Flexible QR Code is like a car in that the owner can choose to go wherever they want, whenever they want.

Following are some examples of how a Flexible QR Code can be used:


A realtor could purchase a Flexible QR Code and have it point to their contact information…then if they were to change offices, phone numbers or web sites, the same QR Code image could still be used. All they would need to do is enter the new URL that they want the code to point to.


A restaurant owner could utilize a single Flexible QR Code by having it printed on their menu, a coupon, a printed advertisement, or a table card and having it point to various “special” pages on their web site. One week they could point to appetizers, the next week to desserts, the next week to wine offerings….the possibilities are endless. Once customers realize that the content changes frequently, they are much more likely to “rescan” your QR Code in the future in order to see what’s new.