Marketing Examples For Office Products

Marketing ExamplesHere are marketing examples that office products dealers need to be able compete in the digital marketplace today. These examples can be provided by the office products vendors and provide a more complete process for enabling the dealer to market the vendor’s products.

Blog Post

We used Samsill Speedy Binders as our example blog post. First, the vendor would do the preliminary work of determining the appropriate keywords that would be used in optimizing the blog post. Keywords would be provided along with the sample blog post so the dealer could use the keywords if they wanted to make edits to the blog post or adjust the blog post contents. Notice in the blog post we have inserted a slightly customized version of Samsill’s YouTube video on Speedy Binders. The vendor could easily provide a custom version like this for the dealer to use and post to their own YouTube Channel.

The blog post has been completely optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes and the image used has an alt image tag that is also optimized. Keyword density is a strong 2.8% and word count is good at 327. Word count of over 500 would make an even stronger post. Tags have been set and should be included with dealer content instructions. Internal links to other posts would help and instructions could also be provided to dealers. As it is, this post is well optimized to rank highly and dealers could easily use/edit this content on their own websites.

Email Autoresponders

Again using Samsill Speedy Binders as our example, we took content from Samsill’s website and converted into two emails that can now be emailed to our entire customer list. Each email supports the Speedy Spine Blog post we developed. We would recommend that vendor’s develop 3-4 emails and provide the proper sequencing (days apart) for the emails to be spent for optimum impact.

Sample Email 1

Sample Email 2

PDF Flyer Converted

Our suggestion for vendors who are using PDF/Word document flyers as marketing pieces for dealers is to first develop a complete marketing package as we are describing. Your marketing package should include the PDF/Word document flyer but also include that same PDF content in a form (preferable html) that a dealer can use to insert the content as a blog post on their website. In this example, we use a recent Avery flyer that was sent to us in an email from Avery with no other marketing material. The flyer is typical of the content we receive and in this case, it is a Word document formatted by Avery to allow the dealer to insert their logo or heading content at the top of the flyer. Of course this leaves the final results to the graphic skills (or not) of the dealer. Once the dealer added his header to the flyer it’s really only usable as a handout or insert with invoices or statements that would be mailed.

We didn’t have the html or image files that would have enabled us build an actual blog post but we did convert the Word document to an image file and used it as a blog post on our website. Notice that we were able to provide additional links (Avery YouTube Video, Download Claim Form, Order Link) with our method. Additionally, since we have the information posted to our website we have the customer on our website where they have access to other information and resources we provide to our customers. If this has been an actual html file we posted to our website, we would have been able to gain additional SEO (search engine optimization) for the post potentially bringing us new business.