If you’re in business, if you’re in sales, or if you provide a service to the public…then you need a QR Code combined with a Mobile Enabled Web Site.

“There is a lot of talk these days about the need to have a mobile web site that can be easily navigated by folks using tablet computers or smart phones. Also, QR Codes are now in mainstream use for thousands of applications (ex. warranty registration, event sign up, product instructions, etc.). An EasyWeb QR Code combines BOTH a  QR Code AND a mobile enabled web site into one affordable, easy to use solution that will allow your customers to call, email, message, go to your FaceBook or other page, or use a promotional coupon (and lots more) simply by scanning your EasyWeb QR Code.  And best of all…you can earn extra income for your business or yourself by becoming an EasyWeb QR Code Reseller

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The Complete QR Code Marketing Program.We solved the problems with standard QR Codes.

1. Standard QR Codes link to one destination – say a webpage or contact information. If the webpage changes or your contact information changes, the QR Code Doesn’t. Ours Does!

2. Standard QR Codes doesn’t build a mobile landing page for you automatically – that has to be done by you or your website developer (expensive). When your prospect or customer scans your Standard QR Code now it probably takes them to your website or page on your website that is not “mobile optimized”. Since the person is using a Smartphone to scan your QR Code, you’re making them “finger scroll” your website on their Smartphone to find your phone number, address, special offer, etc. Most people won’t take the time. The EasyWeb QR Code System builds a mobile landing page for you Automatically!

3. Standard QR Codes don’t provide multiple links – like to your mobile landing page, your Facebook Page, directions to your location, your phone number, your

email, etc. Ours Does! All from one mobile optimized screen! See the example below.

4. Standard QR Codes don’t have built in tracking metrics – that’s something you have to build into your website. Our QR Code System provides you full tracking data so at any time you can check to see how many scans you have had. If you’re running a coupon or special offer on your EasyWeb QR System and it doesn’t look like it’s working, simply change the offer and now all the QR Codes on your printed material points to the new offer and you can track the results for the new offer.

EasyWeb QR Code

The EasyWeb Redirectable QR Code System

  • Automatically creates a QR code for you
  • Automatically creates a mobile landing page which displays when your customers scan your code
  • Automatically keeps track and records statistics of all scans of your code
  • Provides a one touch button for your customers or prospects to call you
  • Generates a Google Map so your customers and prospects can easily find your business
  • Add your social media icons to your mobile landing page so people can access your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc right from your mobile landing page

New Features!

VCard Link – The EasyWeb QR Code has a VCard link on your QR mobile landing page so anyone wanting your contact information simply selects that option and your contact information is sent to their phone or computer!

The QR.GL Propack – The QR.GL Propack is an upgrade but has two really great features: First, it has a statistics screen that reveals the locations where your QR Code was scanned. And soon to come: the statistics page of the Propack will start recording which buttons your users actually pressed on your mobile landing page. More graphs will be provided to measure the effectiveness of your mobile QR campaign.

Another great feature of the Propack is the ability to create mobile coupons with just a few clicks of your mouse! The coupon comes with its own selectable hotbutton for easy access via the mobile landing page. Automatic barcode generator to create Code39 or UPC barcodes for your coupon. Color selectors for all texts, graphics, starburst, scissors and background. User selectable uploadable logoimage, auto resizing. The mobile coupon comes with a full set of social media share buttons on its mobile landing page (all included).

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Become an EasyWeb QR Code Reseller!


QR Code

The revolutionary EasyWeb QR Code System is available in two Programs and you can choose either Program for only $49.95 per year! Think what it would cost to have a mobile landing page developed for your site and then you still have to provide a way for people to get to your mobile page and your information. And you can use your EasyWeb QR Code on practically any type of marketing material to deliver the information on your products and services right into the hands of your customers as fast as they can scan it from their phone. And your information is always current!



EasyWeb QR Code Customer Program – Buy this one if you want to use the EasyWeb QR code but not resell them.

Customer QR Code Program

The EasyWeb Customer Program is designed for someone who just wants the benefit of the EasyWeb QR Code System for their own use but doesn’t want to promote the EasyWeb QR System to others under our Affiliate Program. The Customer Program gives you all the benefits of the EasyWeb QR Code System including tracking, stats, updates, etc but no potential affiliate commission and the price is only $49.95 per year for each EasyWeb QR Code.



EasyWeb QR Code Affiliate Program – Buy this one if you want to use AND resell the EasyWeb QR Code.

Customer QR Code Program

The EasyWeb Affiliate Program is designed for someone who wants the EasyWeb QR Code System for their own use and also wants to promote the EasyWeb QR System to others under our Affiliate Program to earn both income now and potential residual income with our 2-Tiered Affiliate System.

Tier 1- When you refer someone to the QR Affiliate System and they purchase a QR Code, you’ll earn a $20 Affiliate Commission. And each year they renew their QR Code, you’ll receive another $20.
Tier 2 – If the person you sold a QR Code to sells a QR Code to another person, you are paid on that sale as well up to $10 per year ($1 times the amount of Tier 1 customers you have up to a maximum of $10).

QR Code Affiliate SystemThis is a sample of the Affiliate Tracking System.

You will get your own unique affiliate link, your username.QR.GL which you can use to refer others so you can start making money. Signups are only possible through our Affiliates to help protect your efforts. No one can signup from our main website.

Referral bonuses are paid to your Paypal account, as soon as the balance reaches $ 50.00 and your account is active. Bonuses are generated upon successful payment of the referred user and depend on the subscription they choose.

The cost for signing up to the EasyWeb QR Code Affiliate Program is also only $49.95 per year for each EasyWeb QR Code.