Amazon Associate Marketing

Amazon Associate Marketing

“Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re not going away…you might as well learn to use to your advantage.”

Most independent office products dealers today would welcome the opportunity to build loyalty by providing needed products to their existing customer base.

How about the ability to source thousands of items that are outside the realm of normal OP distribution channels? Or generate additional revenue without incurring any additional cost ?

Amazon Associate Marketing allows you to accomplish all of the above and EasyWebBusiness can show you how to get started.  But first, I would like to share a true example of how an independent office products dealer can utilize…here goes:

“A customer called needing a 200 lb. mechanical Pelouze scale to replace one that had broken.  While talking to the customer on the phone, I checked both national wholesalers and found that neither one stocked the particular scale this customer was looking for.  I told him my normal sources did not stock the item, but it that would be available as a special order item within a few weeks and he responded that he needed the item more quickly than that.  With the customer still on the phone, I did a quick search on and the exact scale he wanted was available.  I then told the customer to give me a few minutes and I would send an email with a link to the scale on Amazon…he was fine with that, and told me how much he appreciated my effort to help him and that he would buy it through as he had purchased there before.”   C. Martin, Dealer

The rest of the story…

Here is what I did next:  I was already logged in to, so I just “copied” the associate link for the scale, logged into my EasyWebBusiness web site, pasted the information on a special page that I use just for that purpose and then saved that page.  Next I copied and pasted a link into an emailed it to the customer…total elapsed time:  about 30-40 seconds.  The customer purchased the scale, we earned 5% affiliate commission (in this case about $14).  The customer was happy, and the phone call took longer than than the whole process to add the item to a web page and email a link and we made something rather than nothing.  See our Amazon Associate Toolkit blog post.

A similar scenario occurs about 3-4 times per week and I know some of you might say we’re “aiding and abetting the enemy” by referring business to, but guess what….if we “pass” on the sale and send the customer on down the road, they are going to wind up on anyway (or worse a Big Box store or on their web site).  So, the choice is:

(a.) I can spend a minute or two of time, make the customer happy and pick up a few bucks or,

(b.) pass on the sale and send them to a competitor for the product they need and they could well purchase additional items, costing me even more on a lost opportunity.

Oh yeah, and if the customer I’ve referred to through my associate link happens to purchase anything else (like a big screen TV) while they’re there, we’ll get a commission on those items too!

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