About Russ Wood

Russ has a passion for technology and sharing how businesses, organizations, non-profits and individuals can use technology, the internet and social media in bridging the gap between offline and online.

Offline Business

Having been involved in various offline business ventures over the years, mainly in the office products industry, I have more than just a knowledge of both b2b and b2c operations – I’ve had the real world experiences to go with that knowledge. If you’re running an offline business today you know what I’m referring to.

I’ve experienced the family business enterprise, the large corporate enterprise, the purchase of a small local business and been a co-founder of a startup business seeded with venture capital which ultimately grew in a just a few years from an idea to 65 locations, employing a large number of people and generating $365 million a year in revenue.

Online Business

My interest in technology over the years has enabled me to get a pretty solid foundation of computers (mostly Mac), software applications, website and social media technology and internet marketing best practices.

I currently run a successful online office products business that is entirely virtual – including employees, affiliates, inventory, ordering processes, order fulfillment, marketing, etc. We’ve been able to bridge the offline business to online totally with this model.

I’m also cofounder of EasyWeb Business – Bridging Offline To Online for small business owners. EasyWeb Business is primarily a resource center, as well as an experimental lab, where we are exploring the use of the latest in internet technology and social media enabling small business owners, in every industry, to easily understand and apply these tools and resources in their own offline businesses in their online business.

At EasyWeb Business, we’ll show you exactly what we use and recommend for offline businesses to benefit from online marketing. You’ll see firsthand how we are taking our own offline business and successfully implementing online marketing.